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23 Photos Taken Before And After Brides Got Their Wedding Makeup

Kosovan make-up artist Arber Bytygi who makes such incredible transformations for brides-to-be that the groom might think he showed up at the wrong wedding!

While some might prefer a subtle, natural look on their big day, Arber specializes in glamorous, red-carpet makeovers, turning women into the Kardashian version of beauty – all smoky eyes, bold brows and painted lips.

To highlight the power of his makeup artistry, Arber takes before-and-after photos of his clients and the results are truly astonishing.

Having amassed over 300k followers on Instagram, it’s fair to say that Arber’s work has proven to be popular and inspiring for many future brides. His skill at accentuating the features of a woman is beyond doubt, even if a wide range of different and unique women do end up looking vaguely alike.

It all depends on the bride’s preference – if she prefers a more natural look, Arber can do that too!

“I got interested in makeup when I was just a child,” Arber said in an earlier interview with Bored Panda. “The first drawings that I did were of eyes, girls or dresses. I used to take my mom’s make-up and play with it when I was only five years old, so I knew that I’ll become a makeup artist pretty early.”

“When I finished high school, my family didn’t want me to continue my studies in the beauty industry because in our culture it’s considered tabu if a male works in this industry. So, at first, I got a master’s degree in economics and only then did I follow my dream and started working as a makeup artist.”

“When I meet my client, the first question I ask is what kind of occasion are they getting their makeup done for. I also ask my clients if they have any specific requests. For example, if they want a natural or dramatic look. Then I ask them [to show me] the dress that they are going to wear. The design of the dress and its details reveal the style of the look the client is going for. Then, I analyze their facial features.”

“We serve more than one thousand brides in a year. The summer, in particular, is a very demanding season for bridal makeup. During this period, I and my team serve as many as 60 or more clients daily.”

“Makeup is like jewelry for the face,” Arber said to everyone experimenting with makeup. “Play with colors and shapes. Don’t be afraid to transform yourself. At the end of the day, you can just clean it.”

What do you think? Are you into the big, glamorous style when it comes to weddings, or do you prefer a simpler, more realistic look? Scroll down below to see more of Arber’s transformations for yourself, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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